10 Sustainable Experience Routes for Immediate Departure After the Meeting,
Starting from the Taiwan Convention Center!
Sustainable Experience in Taiwan

Itinerary Highlights

Taiwan is rich in diverse cultures and unique natural attractions; an island nation with convenient transport that provides easy access to mountains and seas, cities and countrysides.

When visiting Taiwan for conferences or exhibitions, be sure to embark on an unforgettable sustainability experience tour with your colleagues before returning to your home country.

11 Custom Experiences

These tour designs differ from ordinary sightseeing and experiential tours.

12 Team-Building Activities

Corporate elements and teamwork incentives build rapport among colleagues.

8 Sustainable Development Goals

Unique experiences provide positive and sustainable benefits to local areas.

What is Sustainability Incentive Travel?

You may have heard of the Sustainable Development Goals announced by the United Nations.
What are the benefits of sustainable tourism?
Incentive travel can help employees commit to the company and improve work efficiency and employee retention rates in a positive manner. However, with increasing attention on sustainability issues, the tourism industry began to take environmental burdens and carbon emissions into account as well. But does this mean we should avoid corporate incentive travel altogether? Of course not. Incentive travel is an important activity for improving companies and employees and expanding their horizons. Thus, many companies began considering the question of “How can we organize incentive travel that benefits the destination at the same time?”

"At the end of a day of meetings,
I can finally embark on a sustainability trip to Taiwan with my colleagues!"

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Green Restaurants and Hotels


Why choose green restaurants and hotels?

Green restaurants and hotels provide environmentally friendly, low-carbon food preparation and dining environments by using single-use utensils and reducing tourist impact on natural and cultural environments during short-term stays.


What are the benefits of green restaurants and hotels?

Discounts and subsidies are available to encourage group travelers to choose green restaurants and hotels.


How can I locate a green restaurant and hotel?

The green restaurant and hotel labels issued by the Taiwan government can be verified on the official National Green Life Information Platform website.