Purity of Mountain and Sea Springs

This two-day tour will feature food resource education and food farming education experiences. Guests will observe first-hand the goodwill flowing through the beautiful eastern part of Taiwan in the form of marine sustainability promotion efforts.

Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park

Home to conference rooms and exhibition halls with capacity for 70 to 100 people, Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park was the largest paper-making factory in Taiwan before being transformed into a cultural and creative park, marking a new milestone in the cultural and creative industry of Yilan. Plans are to develop it into a platform marrying art and enterprise, one that encompasses self-made experiences, art of living educational sites, and cultural and creative support as a way of co-creation that connects local and global perspectives. It is hoped it will cultivate and exercise the clustering effect of cultural and creative energy in bringing Yilan talent back to their hometowns and drawing creative talent to station permanently in Yilan, so as to gradually condense local creative vitality.

Address: No. 6-8, Section 2, Zhongzheng Road, Wujie Township, Yilan County
Website: https://chccp.e-land.gov.tw

Fishery Kitchen: Shanghai-styled Cuisine Experience

Kengfang Fishing Harbor in Yilan is located directly opposite Guishan Island. The surrounding waters are rich in plankton that support abundant fishery products. The local area relies on fishing for a living. The lady boss of the fishery kitchen has advocated enthusiastically for the ocean-friendly fishing method of using a long line on a single fishing rod as opposed to catching fish of all sizes in a fishing net to preserve the sustainability of marine resources. (English language tours need to be reserved in advance.) A 30-minute guided tour of the local fishing harbor will feature learning about the fishing village and stories of the sea. Guests will be able to buy freshly caught fish at the fish market and learn about how local residents have replaced fishing nets of the past with single-rod fishing line to conserve marine resources. After returning to the fishery kitchen, the lady boss will teach guests the preparation process of “Shanghai-style cuisine” step by step from preparing the fish to cooking it. The process will be a team building activity for which guests will split into teams to compete against one another. The lady boss will assess everyone’s dishes according to a set of criteria including teamwork and a taste test, with the winning team getting to order additional dishes. The day’s itinerary will end at an experience of fishermen’s traditional “boat rice”, bringing the day’s activities to a close.

Zhongfu Winery: Amazake Experience

Located in Yilan Sanxing, reputed for its beautiful scenery, Zhongfu Winery is the first winery in Yilan to obtain a wine production license. Faced with competition from low-priced agricultural products entering the domestic market from overseas, the winery combined research technology from industry, government and academia to enhance its added value, establishing new sustainable agriculture opportunities for Taiwanese farmsteaders. (English language tours need to be reserved in advance.) A 40-minute tour led by the winery founder will explain the building of a wine remaking platform. Afterwards there will be a 1-hour amazake making experience to make delicious amazake with skin care properties. Remaking crops into wine reduces food loss in the production and supply chain and ensures that crop prices are not impacted by market fluctuations. For the final activity, guests will take part in a team building activity of beer pong; the more points scored, the more local farmstead products will be purchase as a way of direct support for small farmers to provide the locale with practical assistance.

Fish Bar: Fish Resource Education Experience

Fish Bar is run by a group of local sea-loving youths with a core spirit of food resource education and marine sustainability, using fish as a connecting element to form a link between people and the sea and working with traditional fisheries to revitalize the area, reawakening senses among people towards conservation and marine resource protection. Fish Bar advocates for environmentally friendly options of using fixed fishing nets or a single fishing rod, refrains from selling aquatic products under red light advisory (to be avoided) as designated in the Seafood Guide Taiwan, and safeguards the marine environment and its sustainability. It also encourages the formalization and growth of micro, small and medium enterprises through the provision of financial services. (English language tours need to be reserved in advance.)
A 30-minute guided tour of the place will be followed by taking part in a “handshake greeting” with migratory fish species of the current season and listening to instructions for sustainable fishing methods at Qixingtan Beach for 1.5 hours. Next is 1 hour of free time to roam the area and walk along Qixingtan Beach, soaking in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and relaxing the body and mind. The associated economic benefits generated can help Fish Bar to promote positive economic, social and environmental ties among urban, suburban and rural areas through enhancing national and regional development and planning.

Jonathan Su Foundation: Marine Experience

With the historical context of Taiwan as a nation founded on the ocean, the Jonathan Su Foundation engages in long-term marine education promotion, with the hope that Taiwanese people can grow closer to the sea and learn from it, especially since they live on an island surrounded by the sea. Aside from marine education, the Foundation upholds a spirit of challenging the self, so that many different groups may get to experience a sea adventure. It has spent close to a decade promoting a canoe team called “Senior Sailors”, as well as the “Able-Bodied Sailors” and “Dark Sailors” teams, leading people with physical disabilities to experience the surging waves of Hualien and providing a safe, inclusive, barrier-free and green public space. (English language tours need to be reserved in advance.)
A 40-minute guided tour of the site and a marine education tour will be followed by a 2-hour canoe experience. Afterwards will be 40 minutes of free time to roam the site and walk around Yanliao Fishing Harbor. Guests have a chance to challenge themselves through the canoe experience, relieving stress and relaxing their body and mind. The associated economic benefits generated can assist the Jonathan Su Foundation with promoting positive economic, social and environmental ties among urban, suburban and rural areas through enhancing national and regional development and planning.